1976 to 19851983 - Novo Horizonte Habitational Complex (Bahia - Brazil) Habi

1983 - Novo Horizonte Habitational Complex (Bahia - Brazil) Habi

Founding and Regional growth

OAS’ path starts with civil construction, and since the beginning the company has had quality, responsibility and ethics as pillars of the services it provides. Coupling professional competence with engagement the Company promptly wins reliance and is faced with new challenges, contributing directly to the growth of the area where it operates in Brazil.

A period marked by work diversification in the civil construction segments (private and public customers), real estate developments (residential and commercial), in addition to a strong acting in the agro industry area in Bahia and in other Northeast states.

1986 to 19931988 -ClubMed Village Rio das Pedras, Mangaratiba (RJ, Brazil)

1988 -ClubMed Village Rio das Pedras, Mangaratiba (RJ, Brazil)

National growth and diversification

OAS increases its coverage and reaches nearly all the Brazilian regions, diversifying its activities and acting as well in petrochemical, environmental (waste collection), assembly and power areas, with distribution of industrial gas.

1994 to 19981994 - Oil Tanker Pier (Maceió, Brazil)

1994 - Oil Tanker Pier (Maceió, Brazil)


The Company dedicates its efforts to the heavy-duty construction, environmental and industrial assembly segments. This period includes the construction – innovative and unprecedented in terms of businesses – of the Yellow Line, in Rio de Janeiro, first concession on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) format for an urban thoroughfare in Brazil.

1999 to 20021999 - Salvador Intl. Airport Access Roads (BA, Brazil)

1999 - Salvador Intl. Airport Access Roads (BA, Brazil)


OAS was, during this period, focused on the heavy-duty construction sector and concessions. In 2000, the Invepar is set up, into which only Brazilian concessionaires are incorporated: Concessionária Litoral Norte (CLN), Concessionária Rio Teresópolis (CRT) and Linha Amarela S/A (LAMSA).

2003 to 20062009 - Parque Rímac Highway (Peru)

2009 - Parque Rímac Highway (Peru)

Qualified growth and OAS International

This was a period of greater interests in state-owned investments, particularly in the oil, gas, and power areas, in works entailed to the Federal Government’s structural programs and in major privately owned companies. The international area goes through a strong growth, quickly adapting to the dynamics and different Brazilian legislations. The projects from this period encompass highways connecting cities in Bolivia, sanitation works in Chile, gas distribution network in Montevideo (Uruguay), among other infrastructure projects.

20092009 - Les Cayes-Jérémie Highway (Haiti)

2009 - Les Cayes-Jérémie Highway (Haiti)

Beyond South America

Consolidated in South America OAS expands its major projects in infrastructure areas to Central American and African countries. This period is marked, among various actions, by the deployment of 46 km of highway in Trinidad and Tobago and an important highway in Haiti, connecting the cities of Les Cayes and Jérémie.

20132013 - Fonte Nova Arena (Bahia, Brazil)

2013 - Fonte Nova Arena (Bahia, Brazil)

Present and future

Its broad experience in high complexity works has allowed OAS to provide a greater contribution to the development both in Brazil and abroad. In our country it builds international projection arenas, roadway systems, ports, refineries and gas pipelines. Abroad, it stands out for sanitation, highway, and urban infrastructure works.

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