Social Responsability

OAS Institute



Sustainability is the acting guideline for OAS. With a consolidated culture and integrated actions, it promotes the well-being and improved quality of life for its associates and those from the communities neighboring its projects, developing activities related to culture, sports and education. OAS School promotes improved manpower qualification, offering elementary school and professional improvement courses to OAS' associates. The purposes of the OAS Institute are to convey culture, education and income generation to the associates and the communities neighboring the enterprises which bear the company's brand. With a view to contributing to eradicate illiteracy and fighting for social equality, the Institute promotes literacy and digital inclusion courses, as well as training for workers at the jobsites and the communities. Aware of its role in society the entity actively contributes to strengthening citizenship, offering new possibilities of personal and professional growth in the regions it operates. The Institute also supports important national campaigns such as the Fighting against Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Kids and Teenagers and the promotion of Human Rights.

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