QSMS Guidelines

1. Board Commitment
2. Management of Human Resources
3. Business and Risks
4. Management of Acquisition
5. Management of Equipment and Facilities
6. Management of Information and Communication
7. Legal Compliance
8. Operating Control
9. Changes
10. Emergencies
11. Investigation and Action
12. Relationship with Interested Parties
13. Continued Improvement


QSMS Policy

OAS, who carries out works and services relating to engineering, understands as being paramount to ensure the company’s development. The responsibility for QSMS – Quality, Safety, Environment and Health belongs to everyone and is present in our activities, attitudes and values. Results Oriented, Professional Competence, Grip and Trust.

Our Commitments:

- Satisfy Clients’ expectations;
- Ensure the quality of services, meeting the legal requirements, standards and specifications applicable;
- Prevent risks to safety and preserve workers’ health;
- Respect the environment and prevent pollution;
- Promote the development and the well being of workers, via social responsibility actions;
- Pursue continuous improvement of the Integrated QSMS Management System.

                                                                                September 20th 2013

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