OAS brings mobility solutions to Ilhéus

OAS is building the first cable-stayed bridge in Bahia that will benefit thousands of residents and visitors, bringing pride to the region. The facilities of locomotion between the south beaches and the north beaches will attract investments in the tourism area and industry, boosting the local economy.
• The bridge will connect South Shore to the North Shore, from Cristo beach to Morro de Pernambuco;
• The bridge length will be 533m and its width of 25,30m;
• There will be 4 lanes for vehicles, one lane for bicycles and an exclusive pedestrian lane;
• In addition, a part of work is a road access to the Port of Malhado, Ilhéus industrial district and  the future South Port.
What the bridge brings to the city:
• A new tourist spot;
• A new bicycle path to cross the Orlas;
• More safety for pedestrians;
• Jobs generation, with the hiring of local workers as a priority.
• Decrease in area traffic;
• Expansion of tourism in the region.
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