Income Generation Project

OAS carries out the Income Generation Project in the communities located around its works with the objective of training, developing and providing conditions for the economic growth of these areas.
In 2016 there was a developed a handicraft course for the community around Rodoanel Norte, in São Paulo, with two classes, in a total of 16 hours. The students had notions about price definition, sales and practical classes for the production of nebulous bottles, bottled galaxy, decorative key ring and closed terrarium.
There were 8 days of training with the participation of 64 residents of the communities: Jardim dos Francos, Jardim Antártica and Jardim Paraná.

"I had never heard about terrariums and I did not think that I could do one of them myself. It was a novelty! I commented with all my friends that this was 'the course'. I am investing in the purchase of raw materials and I hope that, in the future, the resale of these products will be my main source of income "

Priscila Kayo, resident of the neighborhood Parque do Tietê 


Decorative key ring
Closed terrarium
Bottled galaxy
Nebulous bottles
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