Environmental Solutions

OAS Soluções Ambientais (Environmental Solutions) concentrates all projects developed by OAS in this segment, geared to the public and private sectors. With efficient and sustainable alternatives for supply, collection, treatment and distribution of water and sewage systems, and environmental management of industrial waste – OAS Soluções Ambientais has the expertise gained by OAS in providing services to major operators in the industry, either in Brazil or abroad. Aiming to seek best practices and latest technologies, making it one of the largest private operators in Brazil, OAS Soluções Ambientais counts on two major assets: SAMAR, which holds the concession of water and sewage services in Araçatuba (SP), with 188 thousand inhabitants, and Epasa, concessionary that provides, each year, more than 48 million cubic meters, to more than 8 million users in Lima, the Peruvian capital.


Knowing the participations

With the mission of becoming one of Brazil's largest private operators in the business, OAS Soluções Ambientais relies on two import assets: Samar (Soluções Ambientais de Araçatuba) and Epasa.

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